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Mobile Dead is a zombie-themed location-based game for your mobile phone. The game uses mapping to show where you are in proximity to the undead (your friends and others nearby that we find through GPS or cell tower triangulation).

Interact with your environment and other users. Explore your neighborhood to find items like health packs or weapons. Challenge friends who are close by to a fight or just meet for some beer and brains.

Create your Mobile Dead account in two steps via your Blackberry.
As your real-world location changes, so do you in the game.
In Mobile Dead, the friends you make appear as green zombies.

Find weapons and attack other people playing.

Share profile information with other people playing.

You'll find quite a weapon if you get too close...

Make friends and send messages without the cost of SMS.

Mobile Dead sleeps if your location or phone usage isnt very active.

View found items in your inventory. Drop virtual items where you stand.
Mobile Dead is a persistent game, changing constantly based on the actions of you and your friends. It can run in the background, allowing you to interact with your environment (automatically picking up items, "bumping" other players). Every day is different in Mobile Dead.

Watch for special in-game messages giving clues about hidden stickers throughout the city. Check the Zombie Journal for top-ranking zombie stats and what's going on in the Mobile Dead community.

Enjoy the game and we'll see you in Mobile Dead.

Mobile Dead for Android or iPhone?
We're not there yet, but we're working on it. Feel free to sign up using the form below or contact us at contact@mobiledead.com.


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Mobile Dead is a location based game created by Perk Mobile Inc..

If you have any questions or comments email contact@perkmobile.com or call 914.433.0639.